The Kansas Find

Joe and I got to talkin’ about the Nokona Glove Source book he’s putting together and when he included all his Nokona pics he accumulated over the years for comment, the email conversation turned to the largest glove find and it was so much fun and such valuable hobby information, I had to memorialize it […]

Moe Berg Endorsed Catchers Mitt…Cataloged

Over the years collectors have always dreamed of finding that super rare or one-off model. In fact, a number of collectors hunt for the rare or obscure names. The conversation always turns to, “I want to find a Joe Blow model.”

“Good luck with that. That model doesn’t exist,” I’m quick to say.


Jon English

Was speaking with my buddy Brett a couple of weeks ago and told him I was off to Nashville. He said I needed to stop in Shelbyville, TN to see Jon English’s new Antique Sports & Card Shop, which was about to open. Said it was all over Instagram. I hardly ever check Instagram […]

Skip & Me

Met with my buddy Skip Claprood today (11/19/19) for a quick get together in San Clemente. Skip is a Wilson A2000 guru. He has a full run of them starting in the first year, 1958, and can identify them without even looking in catalogs. I can’t do that for A2000’s. He knows all of the […]

Rawlings Glove Innovations 5

Rawlings Glove Innovations 5

Guest Columnist – Skip Claprood

Wilson A2000

Wilson A2000

Guest Columnist – Skip Claprood

The History of Baseball Glove Collecting

Fun Stats

Was reviewing the control panels on the backend of the site and pulled up some stats. Interesting that modern gloves and catalogs were downloaded the most, more so than anything vintage. From what I have seen lately on modern glove prices on the Forum, that side of the hobby seems to be thriving. The vintage […]

Glove Terminology – Ask the Experts – Part 1

I get asked all the time about the definition of a workman’s glove and I have my own very strong opinion. I also see many people mis-labeling them all over the place in my opinion. I put together this blog post with the hopes of shedding some more light on the subject for the […]

Trading Season

I don’t know if it’s the weather or if there’s something in the air but it’s definitely tradin’ season. Lots of great gloves changing hands as of late. It’s so exciting.

Vintage Baseball Glove Forum Update From Brett

The glove forum is down due to a corruption of the software files. The issue is above my knowledge level and I’m in contact with a few web programmers to see the most cost effective and efficient way to correct the problem. I’m pretty sure the database has not been compromised so all […]

2015 Glove Collecting Hobby Forecast

Word on the street is that a few collectors will be paring down a bit this year. This bodes well for buying opportunities for our collections. Our hobby will benefit by a slight increase in supply as the current demand for quality vintage gloves can more than absorb it. I just hope it’s not all […]

I’m So Excited for October!

This is my favorite time of year. With the postseason upon us, I’m spending a lot of time in front of the TV watching every game I can along with football on Sunday. With all this time on the couch I have the laptop in overdrive uploading pictures and updating the galleries. We are […]

Me and Paul

While in Minnesota I met up with my old buddy Paul Gertsen. He was gracious enough to take the day off and show me around his stomping grounds. We went antiquing in this neat little town where he had great success for many years. He was so cool that he even tried to give me […]

Gehrig Mitt Report from Hunt’s Live Auction at All-Star Game FanFest

Just got back from the All-Star Game in Minneapolis and attended FanFest as always. This year I timed it just right somehow and saw the Lou Gehrig Mitt go off at the Hunt Live Auction. I taped it on my phone in two files. Later on at Target Field I ran out of space on […]

Early Base Ball Cabinet Photo Collection

I recently visited my good friend Mike and of course, we pulled off another whopper due to his generous and brilliant deal-making skills. I purchased his collection of early cabinets and photos. I always admired them and was drawn to them for many reasons and not just because of the equipment. I have identified lots […]

Timothy Hogan Featured in TouchOfModern

Congratulations Tim in getting featured in TouchOfModern just in time for Father’s Day. These prints are super cool. Get one for your sports room or office. Remember, BGC members get 15% off.

Check out Tim’s other projects.

TIMOTHYHOGAN INC – Innovative Advertising Images

ESSNTL GALLERY – Groundbreaking Modern Art at Bergamot Station.

THEFINPROJECT.COM – Documentary […]

Rockin’ It Old School

I’ve been taking advantage of the slow time in the hobby to get caught up with scanning and uploading. I went through some old glove files and scanned in a bunch of sales lists from the 90’s. For you newer collectors, this is how we bought and sold gloves in the old days. Guys would […]

Nokona Ball Gloves A Texas Tradition (Second Edition) – Joe Phillips

I recently finished Joe’s second edition of Nokona Ball Gloves A Texas Tradition. It contains many new updates from the first printing five years ago. Even as a passionate Nokona collector I learned many new things about the company from reading these two books. Did you know the city of Nocona was named after a […]

Sports Collector Prints

I usually think gloves look best in person. I now stand corrected. Back when Timothy Hogan came by and to shoot my collection for ESPN The Magazine (see the blog post here) I was amazed at what went into making these photographs – and at the final result.

Now, he’s launched a new website specifically […]

Dugout Treasures, Collecting Crossroads

Jonathan is at it again. He continues to take us on a collecting journey with his follow up entitled Dugout Treasures, Collecting Crossroads while exploring the theme of change. This book is an asset to our hobby and I commend him for writing it. I wish more people would follow his lead and write a […]

My Brief Visit With Mike Ellis

I flew to Montana late Friday night to spend a full day on Saturday with my buddy Mike. We had a lot of catching up to do. It was short by design though. Any longer and we would have slipped into our old ways and done another mega-deal as I can’t trust myself. Well, true […]

A Glove Collector’s Nightmare – Dave Cunningham’s Story

I just got off the phone with our glove buddy Dave Cunningham who had very bad news to report. His home caught fire and everything was completely destroyed including his life’s belongings, family memories and his one of a kind Glove Web and Softball Glove collection consisting of over 150 of the toughest web styles […]

A Baseball Writer’s Old Friend

I helped my folks in the rafters of their garage today and found my dad’s old typewriter from when he was a Dodgers beat writer back in ’76 and ’77. Story goes, he was at Spring Training with the Dodgers in Vero Beach, Florida in 1977 and he won the Shag Shaughnessy award for best […]

ESPN The Magazine

In June, 2012 I was contacted by ESPN The Magazine through the website about doing a piece on collections and the evolution of the baseball glove. We corresponded back and forth for months, traded some pics and then they said they would send out some photographers to shoot the gloves. (I could have saved them […]

Collecting Fun

For some reason I have a special respect for Joe Gordon. Maybe it was after I first saw When it Was a Game on HBO or maybe because he was one heckuva player. Most Gordon glove models are quite common and were made by Marathon (Montgomery Wards), Folsom, Sonnett, OK, M&H Sporting Goods and Stall […]

Glove Boxes

Ran out of room in the closet so I had to shuffle and move some things to overflow. Boxes are the pinnacle of the hobby but they take up so much room. Once you get one in the box, there’s nowhere to go from there. I get such a kick out of pairing up a […]

Oregon Trail Sports Auctions Catalogs

Per your requests, I uploaded all my Oregon Trail catalogs to the Glove Library. It’s fun to reminisce and get nostalgic about the old days of the hobby but it’s even more fun to see so many glove offerings. Oh how we used to look forward to receiving these. Go to the Glove Library and […]

What Smart Dealers Know About Baseball Gloves – Ryan Petty

As I was putting Jonathan’s book on the shelf in my library, I came across this old one from 1992. Has anybody read it? Do you agree with his predictions? How do you think it holds up today? It’s interesting to compare the landscape of ’92 to today.



Dugout Treasures, Memorabilia and Memories – Jonathan Popovich

Back in December I received a rogue package in the mail with a personal note accompanying a book. This note, so eloquently and passionately written, moved me. It was from Jonathan informing me that he had spent the last two years writing a book and asked if I would give it a read.

A new […]

Dave Cunningham’s New Website

Just released! New EXPANDED VERSION of “Baseball Gloves Merge With America’s Past” is now in 3 different book formats. The hot off the press glove book has over 110 pages loaded with more than 500 high quality glove related pictures depicting glove evolution. It is now available in three formats: printed book, CD-book and PDF-book […]

Jim, John & Joe

Over the last couple of years John Graham and I would meet up for breakfast or lunch every couple of months when he was in Orange County. Well I got to Dallas recently and spent some time with John. Finally got to see his collection in person. OMG! What a collection. He was the most […]

New Glove Book From Dave Cunningham

Our great hobby is getting all kinds of publicity lately with the Tornado Palm, Brett on ESPN E-60, Joe’s comments in the Dallas Morning News, John Graham’s book and now Dave’s enjoyable follow-up book entitled Baseball Gloves Merge With America’s Past in which Dave weaves an American historical thread through the evolution of ball gloves. […]

New Matty Hits the Hobby

This beautiful Christy Mathewson Goldsmith JG8 Spider Web glove just came across my desk to sell. It marks just the 10th Matty to surface in the hobby. The seller is not a glove collector so this one was unknown til now and that’s exciting to me as a collector. It makes you wonder how many […]

Ricky Right Before the Big Trade

This is what we mean by pain for pain. Don’tworry RBD, the sorrow will go away in just shy of 10 years. That’s what Rob keeps telling me of our earlier trades.



Trade of the Month

I have been on such a boxed glove kick as of late. I have been trading off lots of stuff that isn’t boxed toward stuff that is. It took me many years to get here but now I finally appreciate them for what they are. From a collecting standpoint, it’s the ultimate way to complete […]

New Glove Book From John Graham

I just finished looking through my copy of my buddy John Graham’s new book for like the fifth time. I never get tired of looking at pictures of great gloves. John and his family put together an incredible book memorializing his amazing collection. What a fun way to memorialize the greatest private glove collection ever […]

Here We Go Again…

Mike, you are a very, very bad influence on me.

Josh & Me

Got to Tahoe for Spring Break to do some snowboarding and I hooked up with my bud Josh Maddux who recently relocated from Indiana to Nevada. He works with the Reno Aces, a Triple A Diamondbacks club starting their second season. It was good to see him again. Man, it was cold. The park and […]

Collector’s Corner

Hi All,

In the spirit and intent of the Collector’s Corner, I just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that I will be deleting all profiles on April 1st that aren’t at least half way filled out. If you get deleted then you can re-register and fill out another profile. Two […]

Finally, an update.

It’s official. I’ve decided I’m not much of a blogger. Just not that into it I guess. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m a little burnt out. You know how you have ups and downs and highs and lows in collecting? Well I’m at the trough and am looking for the recovery, the […]

Get Together at Rob’s

John Graham and I took a trip out to Rob’s new house yesterday. It’s an absolutely beautiful home and Rob and his wife Michelle are still putting it together. Here’s a pic of Rob, John and I. You should have seen him take down a mannequin, prop it up ever so carefully, put the camera […]

Montana Glove Get Together

We missed you all at the first annual Montana Glove Get-Together. I went out to see Mike Ellis again and finally met BJ Ayers. We met up at BJ’s house and were overwhelmed by his incredible collection. That’s Mike on the left, BJ in the middle and me on the right. His son took the […]

So Far, So Good

So far, so good guys. Start filling out your profiles and keep your traders current. I have already heard of two trades so far. That’s cool, which means it’s working. Is there any other information you want to capture or know about each other? We can make more information fields if we want.

If anyone […]

My Glove Interview from Joe Phillips

Excerpt from my interview with Joe.


Give us yours and your dad’s background.


I have been a sports fan ever since I was born. My dad worked for the NCAA for awhile when I was really young and then became the beat writer for the Dodgers, Angels and Rams for local Los Angeles […]

Welcome to the New Site

A year or so ago Mike Ellis and I were sitting in a coffee shop in Missoula, MT eating burgers and reflecting on our epic glove deal that took place a year earlier. I went back for more punishment on round two (as if 452 gloves wasn’t enough) when he gave me the idea to […]