New Matty Hits the Hobby

This beautiful Christy Mathewson Goldsmith JG8 Spider Web glove just came across my desk to sell.  It marks just the 10th Matty to surface in the hobby.  The seller is not a glove collector so this one was unknown til now and that’s exciting to me as a collector.  It makes you wonder how many other great gloves have yet to be found.  This is the first Matty to sell publicly in about three years and that one was a youth-sized spider web as well.  I believe it is from the early 1920’s.  This glove is in wonderful condition and retains almost all of the silver in the stampings and has not been cleaned.  Of the five Matty’s I have seen in person, this is in the nicest condition.  I’m glad I got to see it.  Thanks KS.

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