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A year or so ago Mike Ellis and I were sitting in a coffee shop in Missoula, MT eating burgers and reflecting on our epic glove deal that took place a year earlier.  I went back for more punishment on round two (as if 452 gloves wasn’t enough) when he gave me the idea to make the site more personal and interactive.  The vision was originally all his.  My brilliant webguy and friend Karl took all of our ideas along with those of others like Jerry Ficchi and Brett Lowman and brought all of these ideas to life.  You would not believe the amount of programming and code he had to hack to pull this off.  It has been a long and painstaking process.  The Collector’s Corner we have been talking about for over a year is finally here.

I envisioned a place where we could hang out and interact like the Forum but I wanted to take it one step further.  Since some of us correspond via web meetings, video chats and instant messaging, we can now make the glove collector network even closer yet.  Nowadays, we can share screens and mouse pointers  all while looking at each other in real time and it has made corresponding and communicating even easier and more fun.  Technology scares the hell out of some people but it can be pretty cool.  Embrace it.

My main vision for the Collector’s Corner was to get us closer as a community – to create new friendships.  Secondly, I wanted to have a place where people could entice the rest of us with a few traders.  Simple as that.  Let’s learn a little bit about each other, spark up some new relationships and let’s do some tradin’!

Hope you enjoy the new site.


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  • rickybulldog

    Thanks again for taking the baton on this and running away with it. I wish you the best on your new site and all the rewards (gloves) it brings you. Then, you can trade them to Rob and ME. HA! HA! (evil laugh)


  • Webguy

    JD, Thanks so much for the best Baseball Glove website on the planet and perhaps now the universe. May your time, efforts and investments into this website bring you and others much enjoyment in our hobby. Big Kudos to you and all who have played a role in this websitse.

    Dave Cunningham

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