Trade of the Month

I have been on such a boxed glove kick as of late.  I have been trading off lots of stuff that isn’t boxed toward stuff that is.  It took me many years to get here but now I finally appreciate them for what they are.  From a collecting standpoint, it’s the ultimate way to complete something – get it in the box and check it off the list forever.  I get such a kick out of buying empty boxes and finding their matches.  I feel accomplished when I do.

Ricky Bulldog has dangled these in front of me for some time and we finally pulled it off.  The trade was actually bigger but these were the boxes that got me excited enough to finally update this page.  Thanks so much bud for holding them for me and since cash is tight for most of us right now, trading is a lot more fun and easy to do than buying.  Everyone keep up their trader photos in the Collector’s Corner and keep their gloves updated in the galleries.  A lot of us are doing lots of trades lately.


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