Moe Berg Endorsed Catchers Mitt…Cataloged

Over the years collectors have always dreamed of finding that super rare or one-off model. In fact, a number of collectors hunt for the rare or obscure names. The conversation always turns to, “I want to find a Joe Blow model.”

“Good luck with that. That model doesn’t exist,” I’m quick to say.

Then the conversation turns to the “Holy Grail” model, which many believe would be a Napolean Lajoie, a Josh Gibson or maybe even a Moe Berg. Over the years, a number of guys who collect Jewish baseball players have asked me about a Berg model. “They just don’t exist,” I always reply. I’ve scoured and studied a lot of catalogs.

Uh, I stand corrected after all these years.

I have been corresponding with collector Steve Mandel who told me he came across this ad years ago from a Tobita’s Baseball Score Book. This Japanese book lists a Moe Berg endorsed model as well as models for Cobb, Gehrig & Simmons. Who would have ever thought Cobb or Gehrig would have Japanese models.

This new information from Steve is such an exciting development in our hobby. If anyone has any additional information they can share, please send me a note. We would all appreciate it.

A Moe Berg model…Wow! Finally.

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