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Was reviewing the control panels on the backend of the site and pulled up some stats.  Interesting that modern gloves and catalogs were downloaded the most, more so than anything vintage.  From what I have seen lately on modern glove prices on the Forum, that side of the hobby seems to be thriving.  The vintage side seems flatter.  Maybe we need to shake it up a bit.

Glove Catalogs













Gloves Most Viewed


















I have been in contact with many collectors lately who are jonesin’ to get something new and not a lot of good vintage stuff has been for sale as of late, which is both a good thing and a bad thing.  Good cuz people are still collecting and holding their good stuff (keeping the supply of the good stuff low and prices higher) but when nothing good comes out to play, the hobby gets stagnant and people lose interest.  Reports from the recent National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City confirmed that there was not a lot of vintage stuff for sale.  So, I have solicited a few of these guys who will put some gloves in play to see if we can spark some activity.

New sales list coming soon via e-mail blast.

In the meantime, many of you have updated your photos, which is great, as that stimulates a lot of trade opportunities and correspondence between collectors.  We are over 16,000 pics in the Glove Gallery now.  17,000 is the next milestone so please keep them coming.  Stay tuned.



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