Sports Collector Prints

I usually think gloves look best in person.  I now stand corrected.  Back when Timothy Hogan came by and to shoot my collection for ESPN The Magazine (see the blog post here) I was amazed at what went into making these photographs – and at the final result.

Now, he’s launched a new website specifically for sports collectibles, and I think its a home run.  Please visit it HERE.

He’s made a beautiful series of images that can be framed and shipped right to your door.  My favorite is the framed canvas – it’s like a painting.  He’s even been gracious enough to extend a 15% discount to all of my visitors using code BGC15.

So check it out.  They’re perfect for baseball nuts like us for our sports rooms or offices.

Be sure to link up with them on Facebook as well.  They’ve got a very cool timeline going of the images and their backstory and I know he’d appreciate it if you spread the word to your friends.

I think it’s a cool project.  Check out Timothy’s other work HERE.




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