Early Base Ball Cabinet Photo Collection

I recently visited my good friend Mike and of course, we pulled off another whopper due to his generous and brilliant deal-making skills.  I purchased his collection of early cabinets and photos.  I always admired them and was drawn to them for many reasons and not just because of the equipment.  I have identified lots of fingerless gloves, a tipped finger catchers glove, crescents, ring bats, mushroom bats, pennants and just a vast array of early equipment.  Funny, those aren’t the ones I was most drawn to.  I found a particular interest in the ones with dogs and other mascots like goats or bear cubs.  There were some others that sparked an emotion in me like the ones with kids as I have fond memories of coaching my boy’s little league for over 10 seasons (all behind me now).  They are just so neat to look at as they represent the history of the game we all love so much from an early Americana perspective.  They represent town ball teams, factory teams, company teams, high school teams, semi-pro teams and anyone else able to have a photograph professionally taken.


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