Gehrig Mitt Report from Hunt’s Live Auction at All-Star Game FanFest

Just got back from the All-Star Game in Minneapolis and attended FanFest as always.  This year I timed it just right somehow and saw the Lou Gehrig Mitt go off at the Hunt Live Auction.  I taped it on my phone in two files.  Later on at Target Field I ran out of space on my phone while trying to get my boy’s picture next to the Kirby statue so I furiously started to delete stuff.  The Gehrig video took up so much room I decided to kill it.  I did manage to keep the other smaller video of the final action.  I thought I should post it here before I end up deleting it as well.

It got hammered down for $250,000 or $287,500 with the buyer’s premium.

Gehrig Auction Video

Gehrig Auction Link

David Seideman’s Blog Regarding Ken Wel Lou Gehrig Zipper Back







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