Rockin’ It Old School

I’ve been taking advantage of the slow time in the hobby to get caught up with scanning and uploading.  I went through some old glove files and scanned in a bunch of sales lists from the 90’s.  For you newer collectors, this is how we bought and sold gloves in the old days.  Guys would distribute sales lists through the mail – some with pictures and some without.  We were always so eager to get these lists, go through them very quickly and place our calls ASAP before they were gone.  Since most of the lists originated from the northeast, I always lost out on gloves already being sold by the time I got them in So-Cal – the rough life of a left-coaster.  We used to buy gloves without ever seeing pictures of them.  It’s neat to get nostalgic and see some of the gloves I purchased back then.

If anyone would like me to remove their sales lists I’d be happy to.  It’s simple enough to do.  Just drop me a note and I’ll gladly delete them.  This was just a way for me to document our hobby’s history while getting more organized by digitizing the boxes of hobby paper I have accumulated over the years.

Please see the Hobby Historical section in the Glove Library.  Enjoy.

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