A Glove Collector’s Nightmare – Dave Cunningham’s Story

I just got off the phone with our glove buddy Dave Cunningham who had very bad news to report.  His home caught fire and everything was completely destroyed including his life’s belongings, family memories and his one of a kind Glove Web and Softball Glove collection consisting of over 150 of the toughest web styles he accumulated right alongside of us.


It happened on August 16th at about 1:30 in the morning while he was in bed, and it happened so fast and furious that he barely had time to get his wife Erlene and his son Aaron out in time.  The Fire Department said he only had about another minute or so to spare.  He had to feel around for door handles to find his way out as he couldn’t see anything.  That’s how intense the smoke and flames were.  The fire was caused by a battery pack charging overnight.  Although many chargers for our cell phones, laptops, etc. have self shut-offs, not everything does.  Please be aware of that fact.


Dave wanted to remind everyone to check their smoke detectors as that’s what saved his life.  Dave, as sharp and responsible as he is, always kept them in good working order and tested them regularly.  He also had a rider on his insurance policy covering his glove collection.  Remember folks, a homeowner’s policy won’t cover a memorabilia type collection like that without a rider.  Luckily he had insurance to soften the blow but those gloves are irreplaceable.  Thankfully he memorialized them in his three books to the benefit of hobby generations to come.


Thank God he has so many friends and a wonderful community of supporters around him.  He is doing fine considering and his family is living about a mile away from his old home in a rental until they rebuild.  His new home won’t be ready for a good five months.  Despite all he’s been through recently, he still maintains his composure and sense of humor and said, “Well JD, those old gloves went out in a blaze of glory.”  We all cope with things in our own way and I’m sure Dave’s strong character is getting him through.  The last picture shows where his prized softball glove collection used to be displayed.  There are absolutely no remains of it.


For those of you who don’t know Dave, he is one of the good guys.  Just wanted to pass along the sad news and hope you will all reach out to our friend and send your well wishes and prayers.  He can be reached at cunninghamd1707@yahoo.com.




Dave Cunningham Glove Display 1


Dave Cunningham Glove Display 2


Dave Cunningham Family Room 1


Dave Cunningham Family Room 2


Dave Cunningham Softball Display 1


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