Nokona Ball Gloves A Texas Tradition (Second Edition) – Joe Phillips

I recently finished Joe’s second edition of Nokona Ball Gloves A Texas Tradition.  It contains many new updates from the first printing five years ago.  Even as a passionate Nokona collector I learned many new things about the company from reading these two books.  Did you know the city of Nocona was named after a Comanche Indian chief, Pete Nokona and that although the Nocona Athletic Goods Company started in 1926, it didn’t start producing sporting goods until 1934?  I especially loved the wartime production years when Nokona solicited the help of H.B. Doc Hughes.  You know, the guy whose name we find on so many high quality gloves made in Mexico when Nokona switched over to wartime production and couldn’t sell gloves for retail and had to turn to south of the border to produce these gloves.

How did Stall & Dean, Reach, Wilson, Rawlings and Collum & Borem play into Nokona’s rich history?  When and why did they change the spelling from a “C” to a “K”?  These questions are answered in the pages within this well-researched biography of Nokona along with player endorsement bios, stories and lists.  You gotta read the one about Billy Martin and Wilson.

Learn about Nokona’s experimentation with different hides like brahma, bison, kangaroo and ostrich.  The book ends with an introduction to the new owners and Nolan Ryan’s endorsement.

This book will appeal to the casual glove collector as well as those curious about Nokona, their rich history and the players.  Nice job Joe.  I’m grateful to you guys who write glove books.

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