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Was speaking with my buddy Brett a couple of weeks ago and told him I was off to Nashville. He said I needed to stop in Shelbyville, TN to see Jon English’s new Antique Sports & Card Shop, which was about to open. Said it was all over Instagram. I hardly ever check Instagram and normally only do when told to see something but popped in and saw Jon’s posts. Oh my gosh!

I immediately got in touch with Jon who informed me of his new shop and its Grand Opening Labor Day Weekend. Damn, I was gonna be there on the front side of the week, Monday through Thursday, and leave before the Grand Opening on Friday. He welcomed me over on Tuesday for a sneak peek since I was in town. I didn’t know Jon very well at the time, just traded a handful of e-mails over time, but felt like I knew him because of our correspondence, his booth at past Nationals and his website (

This place was unbelievable and a vintage sports collector’s dream. On one side, it was a card shop. The other, a vintage equipment and memorabilia shop – nothing but vintage sports, all sports. He was so friendly and cool. He opened up every cabinet and display case and basically said, “Have fun, knock yourself out.” I was in awe. As soon as I was able to close my mouth, I told the wife to give me a bit and sent her off to the town square shops (and probably a Starbucks knowing her).

I went to town. I literally looked through a good 100 gloves in box as well as a ton of other gloves. He had lots of vintage baseball equipment, football equipment, basketball & volleyball, and most of it was still in the box. He had vintage golf and bowling as well as jerseys, sweaters and flannels. He had a lot of bobbleheads, Hartland Statues and two vintage bat racks filled to capacity. He had boxes and boxes of pictures and paper, which I could have spent all day looking through if I only had the time. There were cabinet photos/cards, postcards and binders of all kinds of goodies. This was truly a dream. He reminded me I was in Shelbyville, not heaven.

And…everything was so reasonably priced.

If you were into cards, he had stations where you could sit and fill want lists. There was even a conversation table and chairs in the Vintage side. It was a very comfortable place in which you could easily spend a lot of time. If only I had more of it. Before I knew it, two and a half hours passed and Jenn was sitting outside. All good things must come to an end so I had to cut it off eventually, and, right before the professional photographer was to arrive. Jon was the most gracious host and one helluva good guy. So glad I finally got to meet him.

So, if you are ever in the Nashville area, Jon’s shop in Shelbyville is a must. If you have ever been to a National Sports Collectors Convention and saw his booth, Brett’s booth, Corey Leiby’s booth and John Kanuit’s booth, this shop is all those together in one place. Jon has been collecting for many years and has purchased a number of large collections over time so he doesn’t ever have to worry about inventory. At least til I come back to town.

It’s just shy of an hour south of the city and only 12 miles north of Lynchburg, home of the Jack Daniels Distillery. I did that tour last summer (as I also collect bourbon distillery tours) and Jack’s whiskey tour is the granddaddy of them all.

Thanks for the fun day and all your hospitality Jon. I’ll never forget it.


Jon English
Jon English Antiques Sports & Cards
204 Depot Street
Shelbyville, TN 37160
(931) 492-4304

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