Collecting Fun

For some reason I have a special respect for Joe Gordon.  Maybe it was after I first saw When it Was a Game on HBO or maybe because he was one heckuva player.  Most Gordon glove models are quite common and were made by Marathon (Montgomery Wards), Folsom, Sonnett, OK, M&H Sporting Goods and Stall & Dean.  I have owned all of them at one point and over 60 in all according to my records and most were had in the $10-$30 range except for the nice ones.

Although Gordon gloves are plentiful, Nr-Mt or mint ones and the boxes they came in are not.  I recently completed my quest for all the known boxes and I couldn’t be more excited.  For me, it’s what colleting is all about – setting a goal and accomplishing it.  As my glove collecting approaches 20 years, I have never seen any other Gordon box models.  If there are any others I want ’em.

The first one is a Marathon 4206.  The second is a Folsom G225.  The third is a Marathon 4205 and the best looking box in my opinion.  The next is a Marathon 4207 and my favorite Gordon glove model.  The last one is another 4205 and a variation and is the toughest Gordon box known.  I have never seen another.  The green one is tough but there are a few known.  (Note about Marathon glove model numbers – if a left-handed model exists, it usually ends in 6 when it’s right-handed counterpart ends in 5.)

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