Get Together at Rob’s

John Graham and I took a trip out to Rob’s new house yesterday.  It’s an absolutely beautiful home and Rob and his wife Michelle are still putting it together.  Here’s a pic of Rob, John and I.  You should have seen him take down a mannequin, prop it up ever so carefully, put the camera on it’s head, aim, set the timer and run over for the shot.  He’s truly a master photographer.

Rob got even more room to spread out his extensive collection.   His displays are incredible.  The upstairs landing where he took the pic is one of the most beautiful and tastefully done displays I have ever seen.  This is the landing.

Michelle is a super cool wife.  She’s a trooper.  Here are some of the other display pics from virtually every room in the house.

On another note, Rob got in a pretty terrible car accident last week.  He got hit by a big rig who had fried its brakes coming down a hill apparently.  When Rob was able to get off to the side up the road a bit and get out of his car to gain his composure, the same truck with no brakes hit him again and almost killed him.  Pretty scary.  He’s a bit banged up and even turned down a game of catch, which isn’t like him.  Glad you are doing O.K. bud.  Get better soon.

John, always good seeing you.

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  • JD

    That was cold man. Yeah, the Trojans have been penetrable, er, um. Although I believe the Pac 10 doesn’t get enough respect, I still think we shouldn’t have been struggling so. Well, all good things must come to an end. With the way everyone else seems to step up when they play SC, I’m beginning to worry about the only gimme we have had in recent years, UCLA. Fight on.

  • rickybulldog

    Nice Photos Jim. I went to Rob’s house the following day and was floored by the progress he has made putting it all together. By the way Rob, no wonder we couldn’t find that DAMN DOAK in our trade it was in your cabinet next to the Reach World Series glove. We tore through all the tubs and couldn’t find the bastard. Haha. Anyway, glad you were doing fine and didn’t realize the car was totaled. Although, after learning you were OK I was a little tickled on Sunday when I saw an Altima whizz past me early in the morning heading toward the Long Beach Flea. I noticed the end was severely crunched and I thought it was you! I pursued the car, but it kept going faster which made me think even more so it was you trying to elude the competition (yes, we SOCALERs are that bad). Well at speeds of 85 miles per hour on an empty freeway I finally caught the Altima, but it was not Mr. Glovecrazy. It would have been even funnier if it was you though! LOL

    JD, love the shirt!

  • Glad that Rob is doing OK after the accident.

    Great looking displays!!

    USC has been looking great the past couple weeks – you guys must be enjoying their play tremendously! 🙂 🙂

  • Webguy

    Hey Jim,

    Great photos and Rob has displayed them wonderfully. Glad you, John and Rob could hang out together. Wish I could have been there with you guys.

    Boy, I am glad Rob made it out of that accident as well as he did. That sounded like it could have been much worse.

    Great job!!


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