World Series – Gloves Made Front Page of NY Times

Some great World Series gloves made the front page of the NY Times online. Check it out.

Tornado Palm Glove in Sports Collectors Daily

Nokona in the News

Glove Reference in SCD Editorial

Did anyone catch Tom Bartsch’s comments in his column in last month’s SCD? It’s nice when our little hobby gets some mention in papers. Story in the Library entitled Grabbing a Mitt Can Take You Back 50 Years.


This is why glove collecting is fun…

This is why glove collecting is fun. The following article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Missoulian. It’s a nice piece about a glove and its link to the past. It’s also about a modest guy with an incredible collection who loves and respects the game and that’s cool. Check it out and let […]

Fortune Small Business featured…

Fortune Small Business featured a glove article in the November, 2009 issue entitled Catching a Break about Vinci gloves. Story featured in the Library. Sorry there is no web link.